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Welcome to Finney7, the re-release of the Martin Finney range of 7mm kits. We now have most of Martin's models in manufacture and are starting to add designs of our own. We are also designing some new chassis for some of the kits to bring them up to modern expectations. We consider that no work is required to the upper works.

Below are some photographs of locos built from our kits. We hope that you enjoy some of the superb craftsmanship. Our thanks to those people who have supplied us with photographs


We are delighted to announce the next batch of releases from the range of Great Western locomotives designed by Martin Finney.  These kits have been delayed by the need to remaster some of the lost wax castings used by these locomotives.  Among those castings are the outside cranks that have been redesigned to fit the new extended axles used by Slater's for their wheels.  We have also taken this opportunity to change some of the smaller castings from whitemetal to brass; this includes the buffer stocks.  The next set of releases are due in April 2020 and are:

The 2500, 3000 and 3500 Gallon tenders are already in stock.  These kits cover nearly all of the variations of these tenders created by Swindon Standardisation.
In response to some requests we are also making available a nickel silver etch for the engine brake gear from the Bulleid Light Pacific (£30) and a nickel silver etch for the Gresley valve gear (£45).  This is suitable for the A1 (both Gresley and Peppercorn), the A3, the A4 and the W1.