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Welcome to Finney7, the re-release of the Martin Finney range of 7mm kits. We now have most of Martin's models in manufacture and are starting to add designs of our own. We are also designing some new chassis for some of the kits to bring them up to modern expectations. We consider that no work is required to the upper works.

The web site features some photographs of locos built from our kits. We hope that you enjoy some of the superb craftsmanship. Our thanks to those people who have supplied us with photographs

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November 2021 News

At last, we are getting out to a show!  Finney7 will be attending the trade show at Royal Wootton Bassett Memorial Hall on Saturday 4th December 2021.  We will only have limited stock with us, but if you order by 24th November we will be able to set your order aside for collection on the day.  Tickets are limited due to Covid regulations and we advise that you take a look at their web site for full information.

Wootton Bassett O Gauge Show

October 2020 News

It’s been a difficult time for all, both individuals and businesses, as the Coronavirus pandemic shows no sign of abating. We have not been immune from the effects of this as we have suffered from interruptions to our supply chain. Indeed, we lost some 6 month’s work of development and production with new castings that we are still working to get back.

In practical terms, we were unable to release the rest of the GWR range when we expected to, and those that have been released are still missing a few sprues. We are working assiduously with our caster to get these out as soon as we can, and thank customers old and new for their patience in waiting to complete the kits. This delay has been as frustrating for us as it must be for you.

We now have available the City, 3232 Class, Stella and Dean Goods, although the missing sprues (which in the main cover firebox fittings and final detailing) will be sent on later when we get them into production. The instructions will be missing information on the castings on these sprues but will be corrected.

In respect of new kit development, there has been a lot of design work going on behind the scenes. The 94xx and B1 are in a position where we need to productionise the castings and write the instructions, and while we don’t expect anything to happen quickly in the current environment, the end is in sight. We are also working on new chassis for the Aberdare and 28xx, as well as development work on a number of other kits for future release.

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