Pipework on a Finney7 Princess Coronation by Richard Lambert
Welcome to Finney7, the re-release of the Martin Finney range of 7mm kits.
We are a group of 7mm modellers who, like many others in the hobby, felt that the range of kits developed by Martin should be kept in production after Martin retired.  Our initial intention is to put the range back into production in a phased manner as time and funds allow.  Later, we intend to look to see if there are any improvements that can be made to the kits using the latest manufacturing processes.  Our long-term ambition is to add to the range while keeping to the high standards set by Martin. 

The group is made up of (in no particular order) Brian Dale, Steph Dale, Mick Davies, Richard Lambert, Mick Roffe and Simon Thompson.  We hope that our wide range of experience and skills will enable us to achieve our aims.  Above all we wish to maintain the high design and production standards that were the hall mark of Martin Finney Kits. 

At present, all the kits are as designed by Martin.  He ensured a consistency of design, accuracy and quality found in very few other ranges of loco kits currently in the marketplace.  No kits designed either by other individuals, or manufacturers who may have ceased trading, have been incorporated into the range and repackaged as Finney7 kits.  Each kit was built by Martin prior to launch. If necessary, modifications were then carried out prior to market launch.  

If you are a complete beginner we suggest that you do not start with an etched locomotive kit.  A beginner would do better to learn general brass kits construction skills by starting with a simpler and less expensive model, such as a wagon. When you are familiar with the various processes involved in etched kit building then they you should consider moving on to an etched locomotive kit.
Every effort has been made in the design of the kits to make them straightforward to build without compromising prototypical accuracy or detail.   A great deal of care is taken throughout the design process to ensure accurate fitting of parts. The use of 'slot-and-tab' techniques aids construction and for some parts jigs are included within the kit to aid building. Each step in construction is straightforward and patience is the keyword to successful building.  Follow the instructions.  The final result will be an accurate model with a high level of detail.