26th July 2017
As promised the Duchess loco and tender kits were re-launched at the GOG Summer Show in Doncaster. Both have the new instruction layout and this kit continues to set the bench mark for models of this impressive prototype. 

Next in line for release is the GWR Rover and Tender. As with with all the other kits released so far this has the updated instruction format. This project has presented us with a number of challenges, not the least of which has been identifying metal plating companies able to provide the service we need for the proper presentation of the brightwork. Some parts are actually plated in gold! Expect to see the kit for loco and tender in August. 

After that, with an anticipated September release date, is the LNER V2 and Group Standard Tender. Final castings are on their way and printing of the revised and updated instructions 
will follow soon. This will be the first of the complete range of LNER locos and tenders, and details will be published as each of them becomes available.

Final patterns for the first new kit from Finney7, the LNER W1 4-6-4, are being prepared for casting. There is still a deal of work to be done, but progress towards the introduction of this iconic loco in to the Finney7 range is significant. Right behind it work continues on the second new introduction, the LNER/BR B1 4-6-0 which features a standard of fidelity we believe has never been previously achieved in a 7mm kit. First made up etches will be available for inspection at Telford. 

In line with our wishes to provide further detailing possibilities, we now have available the wheel overlays for the Bulleid Light Pacific and Merchant Navy locomotives and tenders. We have a range of detailing mini kits available and a list is available in exchange for a SAE.
Finally, work is nearing completion on the test build of the GWR Hall and the tender is about 
to reach the bench. Photos of the build for inclusion in the instructions are in hand as the 
work progresses. This will be the next GWR loco to reach production and work will follow on the cylinder and motion upgrade kit.
12th May 2017
While the web site may have been quiet for the last few months, out of sight work has continued at pace.  At Doncaster we will release the Princess Coronation and Tender.  The kit that Martin produced is one of the most advanced kits on the market and the only improvement that we have made to the kit is to include Richard's Stanier brake crank and lead screw casting.  The instructions have been rewitten over eight months and take advantage of the photographs taken during the test build.  In addition there are colour drawings to help in the construction.
The next kit in development is the LNER V2 and Group Standard Tender.  One of the main areas of work has been LNER tender axleboxes as we need a new master for the castings.  The result is the 3D drawing below; test shots are being made.
Development work continues on the W1.  Most of the etch work is finished and we are working on the 3D design of the masters for the castings.  Work has started on a model of the LNER B1 and work is shown below.  Meanwhile a test build is taking place of the GWR Hall to provide photographs to illustrate the instructions.  Out of this work will come an upgrade kit to bring parts such as the cylinders and motion to take advantage of modern manufacturing techniques and standards.  It is a first class kit but dates from 1991!